Power Companies Hate That Delaware Homeowners Are Using Incentives To Install Solar Panels & Lower Their Electric Bills

Homeowners are urged to act quickly as powerful energy companies fight to end the program that makes solar an easy choice economically for most homes.


The program responsible for the unprecedented flock to solar in 2023 could be coming to an end. Until recently, people had no reasonable alternative but to shell out whatever the price gouging electric companies charged in order to keep the lights on.

Everything changed when the government approved a bill making it a no-brainer for homeowners in specific zip codes to ditch their power companies and switch to solar.

Through this aggressive energy relief program, millions of homeowners have been able to drop utility bills by up to 90% without paying a dime out of their pockets.


Why Homeowners Need To Act Quickly

The greedy power companies are sparing no expense to end the program in hopes of keeping their unhappy customers from following their neighbors over to solar. With their deep pockets and strong political allies, it appears they may get their wish.

The situation has caused an urgency for homeowners in approved zip codes to switch before they are stuck paying the relentless price increases year after year while their solar powered neighbors don’t even notice the hikes.


Why Is Everybody Going Solar In 2023?

As energy prices continue to skyrocket with no end in sight, the U.S. solar industry saw a staggering a 47% increase from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023, and almost every single convert took advantage of the program.

Homeowners are urged to check eligibility and see how much they will save. The harsh truth is that many households won’t act in time and be stuck with crushing energy bills that only go up year after year.

Are you protected? You could be if you own a home in certain zip codes. 

Check Eligibility by Selecting Monthly Energy Bill